Welcome Squid – Review


So Jason over at Welcome was so nice one day he brought over this board to join us on our Oregon adventure last month. Well on par with the speediness of the Broken Staff, we have finally have a brief review of this board. www.welcomeskateboards.com is the interweb zone you will most likely find a method of purchasing such a magical board as this squid board. I believe it is 8 and a half inches in the middle, square tail, sharp nose and a concave that was most enjoyable. It rides like a much smaller board and people like Shane Cox seem to be able to perform a plethora of trickery on it so it must be the goods. One thing which I enjoyed personally was it is an actually painted/ silk screened board and not a heat transfer. Very nice. The board was fun, go get one today and you too can feel like a pirate ship plowing through all the kids at your local park.

Here we have stolen a video clip to make it appear as if we have even more content for today’s review. Enjoy –