Top 10 West Coast IPA’s you need to try this summer

In no particular order, these are the top IPA’s to try this summer. Everyone can argue whats is the best, but take this list as a challenge and enjoy the time spent enjoying each of these beers. There are many we did not list and if you think one should be added to the list, add to our comments so readers can find them too. If you have any favorites from Washington or Alaska, leave a comment for us!

Enjoyby – Stone Brewery – Such a great hoppy, fresh Double IPA. Worth the hunt if they are around and usually very limited in sales. Sometime you have to ask because the liquor store will hide them in the back.


Ruinten – Stone Brewery – Yes, two beers from the same brewery in this list. Stone has been a long time favorite and if you have not had their standard IPA, you need to also have that this summer. The Ruinten is a potent double ipa that pays homage to their ruination IPA. Since these hit the shelves recently, It is a hard choice to pick another beer when these are still in stock. A hefty 10.8% goes unnoticed in the great flavors this beer has.


Sculpin IPA – Ballast Point – Almost a cult like following behind this beer as those who love it , rave about it. Very smooth and great for BBQs or even in the hot sun while skating some backyarders. Balast Point also has a good double IPA called Dorado which is worth a try as well if you see it on the shelf.


Hoptologist – Knee Deep – Wow, what a great IPA with amazing hoppy tastes. Knee Deep produces another version of this call the Belgo Hoptologist which is as equally as good but with a bit of a Belgium style beer undertone. Simtra triple IPA is another to try by Knee Deep if you are lucky enough to find one.


Knuckle Sandwich DIPA – Bootleggers Brewery – A newer brewery compared to some others, but offers a great variety of killer beers. If you can get your hands on a Knuckle Sand which, you’ll be going back to the store for more.


Steelhead Double IPA – Mad River – I used to live in the town of blue lake right across the river from the brewery. The beers share a special home in my heart but should share a shelf in your fridge at some point. The Steelhead Double IPA is a great choice for a day on the river or beach, or maybe just working on your car in the garage. They also have the Jamaica Sunset IPA which is another quality brew from Mad River.


RPM IPA – Boneyard Beers – Boneyard Beers are from Bend, Oregon. I stumbled across the brewery one day when I saw it off the freeway while traveling through town. This IPA is hands down one of the best around. I got hooked on their beers from the first sip. Intense northern hops fill this IPA to the brim. Another thing about this brewery is the people that work their. On my way out of town I stopped by to get a growler to take home. They had just run out of the IPA I was seeking. Instead of leaving empty handed, they gave me a glass growler, and told me to go down the block and a local bar had a keg on tap. They filled it up for me and I was on my way. I can not say enough good things about those guys. – Update – Their Hop Venom DIPA is also as epic and should be considered a top choice if you have the chance to try it out. We could have easily just made this article all Boneyard Beers.


Pliney the Elder – Russian River – The holy grail of IPA’s on the west coast, Pliny the Elder comes in small shipments and one needs to be quick to acquire one before they are sold out. It is a delicious double IPA and if you have had one you know. Living in southern california, it comes and goes. The local home brew store charges only 5$-6$ per bottle which is well worth it for this beer. Other stores take advantage of the supply and demand and charge up towards $15 a bottle. I can not bring myself to pay that much for one, but others must or the prices would drop. Pliny tastes better to me off a keg versus the bottle and if you here your local brew pub has Pliny the Younger on tap, get in there quick because it’ll be a madhouse.


Mongo – Port Brew Company – Pizza Port is a great brew pub/ pizza joint that makes great pizza and serves up an array of killer beers. You can usually find 2-3 of the beers on this list on tap there. They do not serve any mass produced beers such as Budweiser or Coors. It was this pizza spot that spawned the much larger Port Brew Company and the links of  Mongo, one of their versions of a double IPA which compliments their pizza to a tee. You don’t have to


Hop Juice – Left Coast Brewery – Brewed in San Clemente, Ca this brewery has been growing and developing new beers in recent years. They now have a tasting room to check out. Their Hop Juice is a double IPA and packs a punch. Around town some liquor stores have pretty good prices and sell pints for half of what comparable beers are going for.


Hoptimum – Sierra Nevada – Well, not much to say here, if you haven’t had a beer by sierra Nevada, you are in the wrong place. This year’s Hoptimun is an whole cone imperial IPA and it is smooth and potent. Unlike others on this list, it has a richer, more reserved taste, but still holds all the traits of a quality IPA.


Lagunitas Sucks – Lagunitas – Basically any beer that comes out of the Lagunitas brewery is going to be good. The Lagunitas Sucks is one of the hoppiest citrus fresh beers and when they are around I could drink six pack after six pack. Some other ones to check are Hop Stoopid, Maximus IPA, Brown Sugga, and there IPA.



Shred Ranch Skull Candy Party

Over the weekend threw down a sick bash at the Shred Ranch before it goes away at the end of the month. Besides having everything to skate you could imagine and epic mexican food, the keg of Sierra Nevada topped off the night perfectly. Here are some photos from the night, video should be up soon. Some other photos up at Jon Steele’s photo blog –

Tagged in under 30 minutes, pretty impressive.

Neal Mims pivot fakie

Steep and Deep, that pool is no joke and any trick in it is a banger.