San Juan Capistrano – The Mission Hotel


This pool had been built during the the early days of the San Juan Capistrano tourism industry in the courtyard of a small hotel adjacent to the Mission. Everyday getting off the freeway or on the freeway, it was plainly visible from the road and looked like an epic pool to ride. Now that the Ortega Highway expansion project is under way, the hotel was bought and closed to be replaced with additional lanes. The green light was on and sessions went down for a few months before it was jackhammered and removed. Definitely not a permission, and well the transitions could have been better, but being down the road how could one not skate it as much as possible?

Email San Juan today to make sure they have support for the skatepark!,,,,

Just cut and paste these into your email address box and send a nice letter supporting the skatepark. It appears there is some major lack of communication going on and everyone who was at the last meeting had’nt heard of the need for supportive letters.


Deckcrafters posts sick vid of San Juan Pool – Check out Chuck’s blog, its alive again after a brief hiatus. Also if you need some wheels to roll around on, he has some in the works that are so sick. Here’s the vid on the link above. If you live in San Juan the skatepark is still in the works and we could get this pool or something similar built which would be super rad.


San Juan Capistrano Skatepark update

San Juan Capistrano will seek a state grant for a proposed skateboard park that won unanimous support from the city Parks, Recreation and Equestrian Commission on Monday night.

The city wants $4.4 million to build the skate park at the city sports park along Via Positiva and relocate the existing community gardens to an adjacent city farm site. (Click here for map.)

The project will compete for a Proposition 84 grant that will be awarded in October, Community Services Director Karen Crocker said. The city currently has $500,000 in capital-improvement funds budgeted for the skate park, of which $18,700 has been spent on consultant fees and staff time, according to a city staff report.

Under the plan, the city would build a snake run and two skate bowls. The park also would have street-skating elements such as grinding ledges, rails, stairs and ramps.

The community gardens would be moved to a plot just east of their current location. Under the plan, the garden plots would be multidimensional and there would be a shed for tool storage.

Plans call for replacing a small strip of parking spaces with a plaza area, with a new parking lot with 40 spaces added to compensate.