San Juan Capistrano Skatepark Meeting Jan 16, 2010

San Juan Capistrano held it’s first basic design forum for the future skate-park and it seems pretty positive, but just not very quick to be built. There is a grant the city is applying for in fall to fund the skate-park and the community garden project. There is also some added fun with the fact that there is empty farm land adjacent to the current community garden that is zoned for farming and can be the site of a new community garden and then the skate-park would go where the old garden is.So basically the old garden needs to be relocated before the skate-park has hopes of being built. The area is pretty large for the skate-park and there is already lights and a restroom so all funds can go into building it. Skaters that attended wanted things like a snake run to street plaza stuff and were liking the idea of a remake of the SJC Keyhole pool with a more skate-able shallow end. Ideas to make it have design characteristics like the mission San Juan were also brought up. I suggested we take one of the old tractors roting in the field and add tranny all over it to make it skate-able and even the city people were psyched on the idea. Its probably a few years out or less, but at least its on the radar and it should be pretty good compared to all the local parks that showcase the fine skills of purkiss rose. Next meeting is January 28 at 6pm at the community center.