Rain Up.Weird Existential Questions with Up-and-Coming NYC Heavy Hitter, Damon Hall

Rain Up.

Weird Existential Questions
with Up-and-Coming NYC Heavy Hitter, Damon Hall

Werds by Ryan Buynak,
Photos by Ms. Raquel


Once Upon a Time…

on rainy day on New York City’s Lower East Side, I had the wonderfully interesting opportunity to skate with and interview an up-and-coming phenom by the name of Damon Hall.

front side flip

Damon Hall is on the up…to say the least. I call him DH, because, like a Designated Hitter in baseball, he is ready to step up to the plate and deliver bangers and homeruns. His pop is so sick, the dude can literally kickflip out of the atmosphere.

As a matter of fact, the rain didn’t even bother him. That morning, I was ready to scrap the interview because of the inclement weather, but he said fuck that, let’s skate! That is how determined he is: rain or shine!


Damon Hall came from Orland to NYC, via Pittsburgh and Phoenix. He is young with old-people-like traveling feet. He rips with a smile and farts with the best of them. He kicked some ass in Florida, and now he is killing it in NYC.

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Going Back in Time to Florida for Friends, Skateboarding, and Beer by Ryan Buynak


I am a skater first and foremost (a writer second, a beer geek third), however my legs are thirty years old so I can’t jump down twenty sets anymore, but when my younger pals from the old peninsula made the great decision to leave Central Florida and give it one last chance at skateboarding greatness in SoCal, I jumped at the opportunity to meet them in Tampa to celebrate one last session, one last hoo-rah!


Sidenote: we recently lost a member of the old crew and this was a dedication to his legacy: a wild visage, a time machine.

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River Horse Summer Blonde Ale – by Ryan Buynak


River Horse is a badass brewery based out of New Jersey. Yes, New Jersey. Unlike, the state, they are doing a number of cool things. Besides the fact that they have Horse in their name, their logo contains a hypocritical Hippo.

They are re-releasing their Blonde Ale this summer to much expectation. It is a delicious Summer Blonde, a light brew mixed with dense summer-time flavors. We could go into the citrus and the hops, but that seems to be semantics. This is not your normal summer beer and River Horse is not your normal brewery.

River Horse Summber Blonde Ale

Started by two, buddies, who didn’t want to work behind a desk, this is a drive worth the fucking filter. But the filter isn’t in the beer or the brand. The filter is the bullshit. No bullshit here. This summer, east coast, if you find a River Horse beer, open it up and dive in…with mouth and mind.