Percent Apparel  We recently received a package from the New York based Percent Apparel from New York. The shirts were good quality and had some standard issue skull style logos on them. Follow this link to see more shirt designs!__my-website/products  The designs are clean and unique. Stop by and check them out! They are involved supporting east coast music and skateboarders which is always a good thing. 
Only advice if it is even worth a cent is their website could sure use some help in making it easier to view. It loads up slow and is basically a blank white page and you hae to search through it a bit to find stuff.

Here is their info “We are based out of New York City. Percent Apparel is a collection that invokes originality,creativity and lifestyle within the alternative culture. Percent Apparel started in NYC, then we spent some time in New England where we gained notoriety for skate and music events in Boston and Providence. Percent Headquarters recently relocated back to NY but still host things in those cities and have plans to continue to expand. We wanted to create something that was inspired by the percentage of individuals that were not influenced by the mainstream media and hype, but rather do things for themselves based on passion and love. Our designs are inspired by extreme sports, music, creativity and positivity. We’ve recently revamped our skateboarding,snowboarding and BMX teams and are pumped to be endorsing a bunch of new musical acts such as Gemstar, Hard Target, 51 Shortfalls and Red Theory to name a few.”

Agents in Red Board Review Agents in Red skateboards sent us a deck to review so we put it together and gave it a decent beating.

 They have heat transferred graphics and are located in Arizona. Decent concave and shape. Not to sure of the price, but they are comparable to many boards out on the market.




It didnt break, it lasted about 3 weeks of daily beatings and faired pretty well. Check out their website and if you see one at the local skate shop, at least take a look before you buy your creature.

Product Review – Independent Trucks Bearing Press

Well there is not much to say about this fine piece of tool creation. If you have ever struggled to get your bearings in or out of your wheels, this thing will save your time, effort, and any level of stress when you have one stuck. Its built solid and will last longer than you probably will be able to skate and if you’re like me you want to skate until you no longer can walk. I have never really used one except when i was working at Humboldt Surf Co so it’s nice to have one around again. The only modification I would do to it would be to add a bottle opener on it for those late night garage missons.