New Skatepark coming to Bend, Or – Ponderosa Skatepark


So excited to see progress on this park, and then as I read through the article, the builder of choice is , what a disappointment considering the quality of parks in neighboring cities. Basically replacing a turd with a prefab turd.

Sisters, Oregon – New Skatepark

The new skate park in Sisters Oregon is completely sick and worth a trip. This story may be not very correct, but its about all i recall. Daniel who is a teacher at Sisters high school helped the project along D.I.Y. style and it paid off big time. Very smooth concrete, good transitions, and topped off with tedderstone pool coping you cant go wrong. It took 2 years and all the locals to build it and if I was one of them I would be very proud of what was built. Great Job! Next they need to blow up the park in Bend and redo that.

Photo of the Day Jan. 7, 2012 – Klamath Falls, Or

If you have’nt been to this park, you need to go. It is usually empty, great stop on any road trip through central Oregon, and it has some of the most fun terrain of any park around. You could easily spend a week figuring out lines and if you’re lucky you might find a few other gems around town to ride.