better if you don’t come back by Joseph DeMough


We received this book in the mail ahwile back and I felt I should actually read it before giving it a review. It is a pretty good read, and if you skated in the 90’s you probably will relate to some of the story lines and sessions that go down through out the book. There are many sessions where the skateboarding that takes place is vividly described and as a skater I can visualize what is going down. It has the vibe of capturing some adventures in one’s hay-day including girls, skateboarding, and just living. Is it worth the purchase, yes I would say it is. It is written by a skateboarder about skateboarding, getting a job, and figuring out life. Nothing wrong there. If you don’t find the desire to check it out based on this review, stop by and check out the other reviews from people who probably read more books than my thrasher collection. Regardless, at Broken we support skater run anything and we definitely support this book!

Quick 10 with Tony Hawk

TonyHawkQuick 10 with Tony Hawk – by Nick Gates

First off, it is amazing to even interview you so I am thankful for this…

1.    What is it like working with The Aquabats on this new project? Do you think it helps promote skateboarding and music to a new generation?

It’s a blast. They are so unique and creative that it’s not like you are actually working; it’s more like throwing funny ideas around and then making them realities. I think it helps to promote thinking differently in terms of sports, music and lifestyles. Skateboarding and early new-wave / punk are big parts of that equation.

2.    In Gleaming the Cube, was the pool on top of the hill as good as it looked? How long did you get to skate it, what was the story behind it?

We skated it for one afternoon. It was pretty good, but only one wall was suitable for tricks. To Stacy’s credit, he located it via helicopter. Even though it was full of water when he spotted it, he had an instinct that it would be skateable. They drained it and rented the house on that notion, and it worked out.

3.    What skate video to you, new, old, has been influential in your own skateboarding?

The Bones Brigade Video Show changed my view of professional skating; it made me realize that I could have a forum for the new tricks I was creating without having to master them and/or wait until a competition to unveil them.

4.    Do you miss 411 videos at all?

I liked the community of 411 in that it transcended the skaters’ sponsors and styles. Not everyone had to be on the same team to be seen together; everything is much more segregated now.

5.    If you could replicate any skatepark pool from the past, what would it be and why?

Colton snake run. It had the best hips and variety of different transitions and heights.

6.    Beer of choice? N/A

7.    Do you like to skate with an ipod on or just hear sounds of skating? What are the top songs or bands on your ipod?

I have an old-school style 120Gb iPod at my ramp full of music. My goto playlists include The Clash, Nine Inch Nails, Modes Mouse, 999, Buzzcocks, At The Drive-In, Devo, Black Keys, Dead Kennedys and Ministry (among others)

8.    Most favorite skatepark built to date?
Woodward Beijing (if they only had a vert ramp)

 9.    Where do you see skateboarding going in the next 5 years?

I see it getting more popular globally, especially in places like Africa, China and even the MIddle East.

10. Is there any trick that has been an issue for you ever? I know back smiths took me forever to get and I still suck at them.

I don’t like my frontside inverts. I made the mistake of learning Miller Flips first so I always put my hand too far back and end up overturning.

11. Skateboarding in the Olympics? Good, Bad, or inevitable?

It would have been good for the Olympics because they need that youthful energy in the summer games, but it appears they are too old and clueless to figure that out. It’s inevitable that skateboarding will eventually save the summer Olympics but not anytime soon.

Thank you for your time, I would love to come skate your house sometime!

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Etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest expansion begins!


Final Expansion Will Make It the Largest Free Public Skatepark in the U.S.

February XX, 2011 (Lake Forest, CA) – Today the etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest officially broke ground on its 16,000 square foot expansion project. Adding a variety of new features, the $1,000,000 expansion will set the etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest at about 60,000 square feet, making it the largest free public skatepark in the U.S. and one of the largest in the world. The park which is owned and operated by the City of Lake Forest offers year round classes, camps and special events and is the only public skatepark in California that offers BMX sessions.

Local Skateboarders Celebrating the etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest Expansion with Lake Forest Mayor Peter Herzog and etnies Owner/CEO Pierre-Andre Senizergues

The etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest was a first in skateboarding – In 2003 it was the first time a skatepark was created through a public/private partnership. etnies partnered with The City of Lake Forest to create this skatepark that currently has more than 1,500 skateboarders ride it each week. Eight years later, the skatepark continues to be such a benefit to the city that they are expanding it. The etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest model shows that skateparks can be a major benefit to communities all over the world.

“It’s incredible to see that the same year etnies is celebrating our 25th birthday, the skatepark is getting bigger too!” said Pierre-Andre Senizergues, owner and CEO of etnies. “It’s an example of what a success it has been for the city and for skateboarders in our community. A tribute to the future! Bravo, Lake Forest!”

The expansion concept created by community input, Nick Gates and the City of Lake Forest staff, and SITE Design Group, Inc., is scheduled to be completed by California Skate Parks in mid-July 2011. The expansion area will include the following features:
o Mini bowl
o Street run with a set of six stairs, manny pad modeled after Pier 7, and an A-frame bump with rails
o Flow course featuring a 16-foot cradle and 11-foot vert wall, with a variety of pool and metal coping
o A backyard-style pool with shallow-end stairs, two death boxes and Tedder Stone pool coping
o Barbeque area for skate camps and events
o Upgrades to the existing park include adding pump bumps and a euro gap on the 5-flat-5 stair set

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