Jim Maloney

We did a little article on Jim Maloney awhile back and the server crashed it. Well it has been regurgitated so enjoy. Pretty raw skating for the right reasons.

I spend everyday skating with me, whether it be at the local park, with some friends at a good spot, or just in the parking ot from the car to the store.  I ride my board til its done and I work my ass off to buy the next,  I film and get photos when I can but I never use any of it, its just history for me.  I don’t know shit about shit when it comes to the skate industry, I just skate.  I have some friends who are pro that live in the local area they push me alot and take me to all kinds of good spots,  they told me i should send in some shots, i have alot more so Im down to let you do whatever you want with them if you like em, online or whatever, Im stoked u even wrote me back, Imsure most mags get like 1000 submissions a month from every kid with a skateboard and im sure there all trying to get sponsored and Imsure there all like "im Hardcore, I dont care about anything”, when in reality they are sending in there photos or footage because they DO care so much they want it to seem like there cooler or sum shit i dont know?  and I thought for sure that my e-mail probably wouldn’t even get read and if it did it would probably be thrown out with the other trash.  I mean who am I, not really anyone to the industry, but I am a big impact on my local skate scene even tho I ride for no one, I never send in any of my footage  or my photos, not that I dont think their good, I like em, but I know there a million kids out there trying to make it in the skate industry and Im not looking to be in that rat race sucking the power teet of big over groosed companies who have sold out everything and everyone they know.  so Im not really looking to get noticed or picked up by anyone, I dont really want to, it kinda takes the whole spirit outa the thing.  The reason skateboarding has such a big impact on peoples lifes is because it something they can do if their rich, poor, live in at the coast or the middle of no where, you don’t have to be a certain skin color or a certain gender, there’s no rules and no coach’s, just you and the board, and when someone really loves what they do, it doesn’t matter if they get paid for it or not, they continue to do it because the feeling they get rolling around on that piece of wood.  I wish it was like this for every one yet I have a few friends who have become jaded and and completely turned around by this industry, someone who used to go out and kill it everyone just for sake of doing it for him self, no waits around at home for a filmer to come before he can do a single trick, or doesn’twant to skate a spot cuzthere been to many “A.B.D.’s”  (already been done) gone down from other kids.  i say what does it matter if the camera is there, ur gonna do the trick  either way if you really want it, and FUCK ABD’s  who cares if someone else did the same trick at the same spot, doesn’t mean I cant do it too, I beat ya 500 bucks I get the same feeling after i roll away that the other guy did who did the same trick.  so abd’s, nbd’s,  big company’s, and crazy filmers who think every shot they get has to be on youtube, get outa my life cuz I got no room in it for anything except my skateboard.

only thing i gotta ask u to change is one of the photos, the krook on the white ledge to gapout, it was taken by sunny not nick, probably my bad when i sent them, hard to not mix em up, that’s all

Photos Taken By

Sonny Kumukoa

all  of the photos i sent to you in the first e-mails were taken by:
Nick Alvarez