Hallow’s Eve Bowl Bash Photos – MRZ

MRZ stopped by the chaos and was able to take a large blast of epic photos of the insanse skating going down. Killing California and JFA played live. Photos and VId explain it better than I. Radballs has some photos, So does Confuzine!

The Illusion stopped by and was a guest judge, here is a raw capture of the sponsored heat. 


 Results over at  Etnies Skatpark.

$100 best trick of the night went to Shaun Ross from Oceanside for a huge boneless to disaster hang up, broke his board and still road away. Honorable mentions went to Greyson Fletcher for high speed coping destruction and Corey Juneau who landed 6 foot stalefish airs and a huge indy kickflip.


Hallows Eve Bowl bash Coverage on CD

Just in case you live under a rock or smoke a pound a day, MRZ takes photos that are better than yours and he came to the bowl bash. Here is the goods –

Get the full story here:
http://www.concretedisciples.com/cd_articles/cd_ar ticles4.php?articles=1333%22

and to see the gallery go here:
http://www.concretedisciples.com/skate_photos/cate gories.php?cat_id=372