Giving Thanks Contest update!

Here are the entries so far with Larry Martin still in the lead. You have until midnight on Thanksgiving to upload your photo to the broken facebook page and get as many likes as you can. Most votes wins a new set of independent trucks and spitfire grosso wheels. Follow this link and enter today!

Product Review – Independent Trucks Bearing Press

Well there is not much to say about this fine piece of tool creation. If you have ever struggled to get your bearings in or out of your wheels, this thing will save your time, effort, and any level of stress when you have one stuck. Its built solid and will last longer than you probably will be able to skate andĀ if you’re like me you want to skate until you no longer can walk. I have never really used one except when i was working at Humboldt Surf Co so it’s nice to have one around again. The only modification I would do to it would be to add a bottle opener on it for those late night garage missons.