Wörgl DIY, Austria

Wörgl DIY, Austria – first section built in 2005 by the locals and now in it’s 6th phase, this project sees no end in sight! Check the next issue of Confusion magazine (issue #10) for a full report on the past, present and future of skate park Wörgl!!

Photos: Hannes Sautner

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1st Section 2005

Asti_melon fakie_web

Asti – Melon Fakie

Patrick Freitag_hurricane_web

Patrick Freitag – Hurricane

Ralf Edlinger_bs tail silde_web

Ralf Edlinger – BSTS

Roman Erhart_fs grind_overview_web

Roman Erhart – FS Grind

Roman Erhart_nosegrind_web

Roman Erhart – Nosegrind