Teen banned from Laurel Creek after skateboarding in empty pool


A York teenager was given a juvenile court summons and placed on trespass notice from a Rock Hill neighborhood this weekend after he was caught skateboarding in an empty swimming pool, police say.

The 16-year-old admitted to Rock Hill officers that he’d climbed over the swimming pool area fence at Laurel Creek subdivision to skate, according to the police incident report. Officers were called to the neighborhood on Sunday evening after a homeowner complained.

The teen has been barred from the neighborhood clubhouse area, the report states.

Horse falls into empty pool?


Actually, this story is no joke. A 1,100-pound horse was rescued this morning after falling into an empty pool at a home in Sun Valley.

The male Arabian horse’s caretaker arrived at the Shadow Hills home around 8:30am to find the 27-year-old animal lying at the bottom of the deep end.

Rescue workers tranquilized the horse and pulled him to safety using a ladder and an advanced rope system. “He is expected to be okay,” reports KTLA.

horse-rescue-02.jpg Screenshot/KTLA


“I think he’s doing great,” one of the rescuers told KTLA. “He’s a very calm, quiet horse. He’s got a good attitude. I think he’s gonna be fine.”

The horse’s owners were not home at the time of the incident and were baffled, as was the caretaker, as to how the horse escaped from his stable behind the home and ended up in the pool.

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