Pelican CE1180 Iphone 5 Case


We received this phone case in the mail for a product review. It has got to be hand’s down one of the most hardy IPhone cases on the market. It is built with solid construction and at first I was apprehensive to try it out with my new phone, but as I installed my phone into the case my confidence grew.


It has a perfectly fitting foam core and bolts together with a provided t hex style bit for a screw driver.


You could use your finger though if you don’t have the screw driver that takes these. If you have a lifestyle where you are at a computer desk and don’t do anything exciting expect drive through McDonald’s (unless your messy and spill a lot) this might not be the case for you. However if you do anything active, from skating, snowboarding, even working as a deck hand on a fishing boat, this case will keep your phone protected and safe.


It does give the phone a bit more size so if you are concerned about that it might be an issue and the sensitivity is a tad bit less, but after a day you don’t notice it. The case is everything you would expect quality wise from pelican, and would highly recommend this case to anybody who goes out and experiences an outside life.