Going Back in Time to Florida for Friends, Skateboarding, and Beer by Ryan Buynak


I am a skater first and foremost (a writer second, a beer geek third), however my legs are thirty years old so I can’t jump down twenty sets anymore, but when my younger pals from the old peninsula made the great decision to leave Central Florida and give it one last chance at skateboarding greatness in SoCal, I jumped at the opportunity to meet them in Tampa to celebrate one last session, one last hoo-rah!


Sidenote: we recently lost a member of the old crew and this was a dedication to his legacy: a wild visage, a time machine.

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Broken Magazine Logo Contest

We need a new logo and your help. Whoever creates the sickest logo will get a brand new complete, antihero or creature board, Indy trucks, spitfire wheels and bearings. Pretty simple. You can post your drawings directly on the broken Facebook page, below in the Facebook comments on this post, or email them to brokenmagazine @ gmail.com. The contest will be ongoing until we find the winner!











This logo was sent in by Garret Shigenaka.

This is one sent in by Aaron Hoffman.

The second set of logos from Arron Hoffman.

Shred Ranch Skull Candy Party

Over the weekend www.Skullcandy.com threw down a sick bash at the Shred Ranch before it goes away at the end of the month. Besides having everything to skate you could imagine and epic mexican food, the keg of Sierra Nevada topped off the night perfectly. Here are some photos from the night, video should be up soon. Some other photos up at Jon Steele’s photo blog – http://jonsteelephoto.blogspot.com/

Tagged in under 30 minutes, pretty impressive.

Neal Mims pivot fakie

Steep and Deep, that pool is no joke and any trick in it is a banger.

Beer n Tranny photo contest finalists

So we had quite a few send in photos and these are the top 6 finalists for a shot at winning the new antihero deck and spitfire wheels. Each photo has its own unique post. The idea is which ever post receives the most likes on face-book wins. We are lazy and that’s about the easiest way to do things. The votes will be counted when the voter actually views the post and clicks the like button at the bottom. This also limits each person to only one vote per photo, but you can vote for multiple photos. The deadline for voting is Halloween!