Muck Bowl


So we headed over to drain this murky green pig of a pool. From up above it looked like a good one and we were pretty stoked. As the slurry resided it revealed this filter system with a series of 12-15 bumpy volcano like holes along the bottom which made alot of lines impossible. The owners also were not to stoked on cutting the holes out and filling with concrete. Maybe another day though. Anyway it was fun for having a pool down the road, just wish we had some quality ones down here more often than not.

Ryan Sheckler’s “Skate for a cause”


Over the weekend the Ryan Sheckler Skate for a Cause event was held at the etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest. The skating that went down was pretty sick. Winners were Greg Lutka, Ryan Sheckler, and Sean Malto and they all donated their winnings to Make a Wish which is pretty awesome. Even Danny Way showed up and blasted some huge airs in front of the crowd. I even won a set of indy’s in the ring toss game they had going on. Great time, you should have been there if you weren’t. Our epic Broken video coverage should be up this week sometime to check out.

A mission to the Kidney


Way back when a 5 mega-pixel digital camera was the sickest thing around, we drove out and around into this fine swimming structure. The photos suck, but you get the picture. As far as I know its a cement yard now and has seen its last days of skating for several years already. We drained a pool over the weekend, but it was a turd so here is something good.

Nor Cal Death Match #1 Results


As expected this was a barn burner- so many gnarly tricks went down that you would’ve had to been there to understand!

Open Death-
1st- Josh Mattson/ Small Beating Skateboards
2nd- Brad McClain/ Small Beating Skateboards
3rd- Zach Lewis/ Vertical Smile Skateboards
4th- Ryan Carpenter/ Vertical Smile Skateboards
5th- Brian Johnson/ Weirdo Skateboards
6th- Cody Horan/ Sacramento Surf and Skate

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Donaldson’s 40th Birthday Ramp jam


Donaldson’s ramp is always the best and Saturday it was even better.

Mike Greene with a crowd pleasing finger flip disaster.

Jim Gagne always kills it.

Chad Shelter skating like its his last run ever or something.

Jim Gray speeds on by on a high quality product.

Tyler Mumma with a nice mustache.

James, style for days and a back tail in your face.

Cat Party takes the stage on a perfect afternoon in San Juan Capistrano.

The Gathering – Where Skateboarding Meets Art


                                   Held on April 30, 2010 at the Etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest, the first annual art show was pretty rad for a first time event. There was an article up on so no need to repeat it all.