The LA Skate Film Festival

International Skate Film Festival Announces its Debut in California
Los Angeles, CA April 1, 2010 – The first annual L.A. Skate Film Festival was created to focus on the filmmakers, directors and artists within Skateboarding, the lifestyle that cultivated the idea of “brand movies” and “lifestyle documentaries.”

For the first time Los Angeles, the birthplace of Skateboarding, will host this International skate film festival dedicated to the best films and the people behind them. The L.A. Skate Film Festival will focus on eight featured categories including: U.S. Film, International Film, Independent Film, Documentary, Skate Shop Video, Emerging Filmmaker, Commercial and Classic.
Behind the scenes awards will also be given out in the categories of Best Photography, Best Editing, Best Soundtrack, Best Intro and Best Skit

Submissions are now open via  Selected submissions will be sent to a panel of judges including skateboarding legend C.R. Stecyk, co-founder Bryce Kanights, and French filmmaker Fred Mortagne.

Top nominated films will be publicly screened in Los Angeles on August 31st and September 1st, 2010 at the Downtown Independent Theater followed by an awards ceremony on September 2nd, 2010.
Fuel TV, the “Official TV/Network Partner”, will broadcast highlights of the Festival on the “Daily Habit” and the “Weekly Update.”

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“I got 5 on it” campaign

Greeting from the Eye of the Hawk production crew,
The Supercharged  Documentary would like your support. Today we  launched our “I got five on it” fundraising campaign to get 2000 people to donate $5 to raise a total of $10,000. This budget is central to completing the film, which began production in January 2008.
 Although we still have a way to go, we are confident that we will get the $20,000 to finish it. We believe in the purpose of this historic film and are confident others will share in its vision.  Tim Brauch continues to be a positive role model within the skateboarding community and our hope is to reach way beyond with his documentary.
We encourage you, your family and friends to make a small donation to cover the costs of the DVD duplication. After the film is complete all the proceeds will be donated to the Tim Brauch Foundation helping young children fulfill their skateboarding dreams and much more. Together, we can make this film happen!
Visit  Kickstarter  today to donate.
Keep in the know on the film here
Please forward this email to all your friends and family. Also, remember to invite folks to this Tuesday’s photo show and fundraiser event in San Jose.

Much Thanks,

-Pete Koff & the Eye of the Hawk Production Crew

Another Band Night at Etnies Skatepark

Tyler Hendley killin’ the park as usual was one of the highlights of another band night fundraiser over at the Etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest. The bands were Terezodu, Nasa Space Universe, Knives, and Vultures United. Surprisingly all the bands were pretty good and rocked. Usually a few local bands seem like they practiced once before playing so it was nice to have some decent music. Kids ripped it up and the park raised $100.

ASE Ramp Session

So went down to ASE to get a good session on with their Tuesday Bruise-day weekly shred fest.  A few heads were there including Colby, Hesh Jon, Nate, Hunter, even Amish Ed taking some photos. in case you want to check his photos.  The place is done right, beers abundant, and no metal coping to be seen. Looking forward to another session and watching it grow.

San Juan Capistrano Skatepark update

San Juan Capistrano will seek a state grant for a proposed skateboard park that won unanimous support from the city Parks, Recreation and Equestrian Commission on Monday night.

The city wants $4.4 million to build the skate park at the city sports park along Via Positiva and relocate the existing community gardens to an adjacent city farm site. (Click here for map.)

The project will compete for a Proposition 84 grant that will be awarded in October, Community Services Director Karen Crocker said. The city currently has $500,000 in capital-improvement funds budgeted for the skate park, of which $18,700 has been spent on consultant fees and staff time, according to a city staff report.

Under the plan, the city would build a snake run and two skate bowls. The park also would have street-skating elements such as grinding ledges, rails, stairs and ramps.

The community gardens would be moved to a plot just east of their current location. Under the plan, the garden plots would be multidimensional and there would be a shed for tool storage.

Plans call for replacing a small strip of parking spaces with a plaza area, with a new parking lot with 40 spaces added to compensate.