ASE Broken Mag Hessian Session Mini Ramp Jam


Here are a ton of pics. Thanks to everyone who came out – Silly Girl Crew,, Nate and ase, all the i.e. guys who came down, and all the local ramp rats. i imagined maybe 2 people showing up would be a success and I think we had a good 50 people show up regardless of the Amtrak mooning gig down the road. Some of these photos I took or Mr. John Pauling whose home brews were bomb. Next time we will try to actually plan it out a bit. Kevin Burke won the final shred session and came out on $45 bucks cause speedy fingers Johny grabbed a $5 dollar bill that fell to the ground faster than the geckos eat a fly.If you weren’t there you blew it unless you skated something else, then you had fun too but if you watched the world cup 3rd place game and stayed home i feel sorry for ya. more photos all over face book or too.

Kookies Pool


So it’s been awhile that this pool has been around. Ask Peanut for the full story behind it’s existence. As for me I am glad to have enjoyed many sessions with friends and brews there. Also I learned from the tenants that spraying wd-40 on your pains will make them go away. Anyway here are a few shots from the last session I was at as the home has sold and its days of skate are ticking away if not gone by this post.

Muck Bowl


So we headed over to drain this murky green pig of a pool. From up above it looked like a good one and we were pretty stoked. As the slurry resided it revealed this filter system with a series of 12-15 bumpy volcano like holes along the bottom which made alot of lines impossible. The owners also were not to stoked on cutting the holes out and filling with concrete. Maybe another day though. Anyway it was fun for having a pool down the road, just wish we had some quality ones down here more often than not.

Ryan Sheckler’s “Skate for a cause”


Over the weekend the Ryan Sheckler Skate for a Cause event was held at the etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest. The skating that went down was pretty sick. Winners were Greg Lutka, Ryan Sheckler, and Sean Malto and they all donated their winnings to Make a Wish which is pretty awesome. Even Danny Way showed up and blasted some huge airs in front of the crowd. I even won a set of indy’s in the ring toss game they had going on. Great time, you should have been there if you weren’t. Our epic Broken video coverage should be up this week sometime to check out.