River Horse Summer Blonde Ale – by Ryan Buynak


River Horse is a badass brewery based out of New Jersey. Yes, New Jersey. Unlike, the state, they are doing a number of cool things. Besides the fact that they have Horse in their name, their logo contains a hypocritical Hippo.

They are re-releasing their Blonde Ale this summer to much expectation. It is a delicious Summer Blonde, a light brew mixed with dense summer-time flavors. We could go into the citrus and the hops, but that seems to be semantics. This is not your normal summer beer and River Horse is not your normal brewery.

River Horse Summber Blonde Ale

Started by two, buddies, who didn’t want to work behind a desk, this is a drive worth the fucking filter. But the filter isn’t in the beer or the brand. The filter is the bullshit. No bullshit here. This summer, east coast, if you find a River Horse beer, open it up and dive in…with mouth and mind.