#Repost @muckmouth・・・This ancient moa rink in Aotearoa was built in the early 1400s for the local Auckland moa to waddle around mindlessly gossiping with one another, whilst being the useless 3.6 metre tall, 230kg flightless birds that they were. The enormous grass patches were feeding areas, and the concrete served as a colossal toilet for all the huge moa shits that occurred. A few years later, all these ridiculously massive birds were eaten by hungry locals and became extinct, leaving the Tole Toilet abandoned for centuries. Around six hundred years later, a brave young soul by the name of @slythorp discovered this primitive faeces patch and decided to ride his skateboard there.This gap is fucking massive, this kickflip is fucking sick, and the @weaotea video VORTEX that it features in, is fucking brilliant (link in @weaotea bio) so go watch it now. Fuck yeah, Simon. Fuck yeah, Scott. Fuck yeah, everyone else in the video. #RIPMoas @scott_rish