San Juan Capistrano – The Mission Hotel


This pool had been built during the the early days of the San Juan Capistrano tourism industry in the courtyard of a small hotel adjacent to the Mission. Everyday getting off the freeway or on the freeway, it was plainly visible from the road and looked like an epic pool to ride. Now that the Ortega Highway expansion project is under way, the hotel was bought and closed to be replaced with additional lanes. The green light was on and sessions went down for a few months before it was jackhammered and removed. Definitely not a permission, and well the transitions could have been better, but being down the road how could one not skate it as much as possible?

Laguna Beach voting on skateboard confiscation law

You can read the article on the from Laguna Beach. I understand that the city wants kids under 18 to wear helmets when skateboarding, but taking boards for a month seems almost like it would be illegal to me. Not wearing a helmet is a small ticket offense. Should the police be allowed to take a car for a month when the driver runs a stop sign which is a much more weighted offense? Parents should be responsible for their kids and not the government.