Laguna Adds another street to the skateboard ban

In the article you can read about how they want to build a hill for kids to ride down, here is a crazy idea, why not build a skateboard park? Here is even a crazier idea, close down all the bars downtown because drunk people jaywalk and urinate in the bushes on a greater frequency than these kids who want to skate.

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LAGUNA BEACH – The city’s approach to dealing with skateboarders on its steep neighborhood streets isn’t working, officials said

In the meantime, the City Council on Tuesday night voted 4-1 to add Skyline Drive to its list of banned streets. Skyline joins eight other hills that officials have ruled as too treacherous for skateboarders due to its grade, 10 intersections and more than 100 driveways. The Laguna Beach Police Department reported a steady number of complaints from neighbors, including reports of skateboarders weaving across lanes and rude behavior like urinating in bushes.

Article Tab: Numbers of downhill skateboarders have grown on Laguna's hillside streets in recent years. Skateboarders use specialized longboards to maneuver at higher speeds than traditional trick skateboarding.

The council also asked police to up enforcement of the ban and safety regulations that required skaters to wear a helmet, stay on one side of the road and obey a speed limit. Police Chief Paul Workman said 84 tickets have been issued since May 2011, but many times, officers are tied up with other calls when complaints come in. When officers do arrive, skateboarders are often gone.

“The enforcement hasn’t been 100 percent of what I would have liked it to be,” Workman said, adding he hoped to redirect more resource to skateboarding once beach patrol officers began their summer duties.