Mission Belt CO – Product Review


Some of the samples sent over – Photo Nick Gates


Mission Belt Co sent over a few sample belts for us to check out. Typically any belt I find is the one that works and I was really surprised at how quality made belts differ than the $10 specials. I skated a solid week of sessions in one of these belts and it never came lose and seemed to get more comfortable at it broke in.

Here is some info that makes these belts a cut above others and why we liked them here. Mission Belt Co is concerned solely about belts. Not only do the belts look great, fit perfect, but on top of everything, when you buy a Mission Belt you are also becoming a part of a great philanthropic effort or as we like to call it, “The Mission.” Here at Mission Belt Co, we don’t just want our customers to look good – we want them to feel good too. That’s why a dollar from every belt sold goes to fight global hunger and poverty. To date, over 5,500 Kiva (peer-to-peer micro lending) micro-loans have been funded from the sales of Mission Belts.

It is pretty rad for start up company using their products to help others in such a way. If you have a choice of belts, definitely consider supporting this brand and help fight hunger and poverty. Check out the website http://www.missionbelt.com/

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