valley center

1. How did the Valley Center Skatespot start?

About 5 years ago I went to valley center parks and rec to see why we don’t or can’t have a skate park for the skateboarding community. They told me they where broke and that was that, till last year. Then I saw that they where going to build a sport field, so I got the kids to protest the field and hold signs that said VC needs skate park. That got people talking about it. I also had the kids do a piece in our local paper. Over a hundred signatures, then started attending board meetings, that lead to phase 1. They gave me use of land and let me build a halfpipe so I could do a fundraiser to raise money so I did . We raised $4000  had Jake brown and Neil Mims out in support too. That started it. I went back to the board for phase 2. The VC board wanted me to put up a fence, start a board, and get insurance for the board. Then we started shaping the park. I had my buddy with bobcat and dump truck come help move dirt. We got dirt from my other buddy’s house and stared shaping.

daymein hertenstrin

Daymein Hertenstein bonless.

2. Who helped build and design it?

We’ll for most of the design came from the natural feel like the tree and a big boulder under the ground. We had to plan around those so that gave us our shape. It was mostly done by locals and skaters,  but where getting help with design and pour from some of the best in the business. Kyle Gallagher and crew they build some of the best parks in the world.


Working together to build an epic spot.

3. What is the long term goal of the spot?

Our goal it’s to build all the land they gave use of, a lot 100 ft by 50 ft square, and once done maintain and skate spot for skateboarder.

4. Is there room to grow?

Hope to get another skate spot in 4 year at another park the county is doing , that’s budgeted so hope to get Gallagher construction and bid job for all the help they gave to this project for free .

5. Why did you get involved with it Mark? The reason I got involved staring this was my boy skate hard , and there friend so we go to all the skate spots all the time.

I was driving a car full of kids and still had more friend that wanted to go but no room , I said we need a skate spot in VC so started fighting for one and this is  where we’re at .

6. Is there anything else to skate in the area?

The closest parks are Escondido rec that 20 min away and Pala Skatepark that’s 20 min away too.

gunnar hertenstein

Gunnar Hertenstein floats over the new hip.

7. How did the fundraising go to create this spot? With out all the donation of money , time, product, tractors labor, ect. That what making this skatespot community support.

8. Any plans to build another spot down there?

Hope to get a new skatespot in VC in four year when they build the new community park they reserved a spot for skateboarding and BMX track to go in at the park . Hope to help with that.

9. Best advise you could give for others to do the same in their town? Advise make sure to get a lot of people on board because majority wins, most of the time.