Pouring Beer – by Nic Lazzareschi

Pouring Beer-

All drinks include some type of pouring. Whether its water on a hot concert day or better yet a beer they all involve this sacred ritual. And so why not get this sacred ritual right. We are going to talk about pouring beer, its importance, and its need in the craft beer renaissance that we live in.

First, before any rebels get their panties in a bunch saying, “your not gonna tell me how to pour my beer,” let me say the following, the most important aspect of pouring beer is getting beer into your mouth. So thats why on my blog we have a hash tag for #properpourisintomymouth. First and foremost I am about refilling the alcohol in my blood system.

Second, because beer is a carbonated drink there is a proper way to pour it depending on the style. For most beers, except sneaky belgians, its best to tip the glass at 45 degree angle pour half of the beer out and then prop the glass vertical to get a head of 1-1½ inches on it. This does a few things, first by releasing the C02 allows for the flavors to escape giving you a richer, more intense beer experience. Giving a beer its proper pour releases its pheromones providing an added level of ecstasy to this already beautiful ritual.

Next, unless you release all that C02 into the air, it goes into your belly leaving you to become full, not of beer or good food, but of gas. So either release the prisoner of C02 for a freer beer experience or keep him locked up and watch him wreak havoc. This was demonstrated in a youtube video where a guy pours two beers, one with a head, and one without. He then proceeds to push a napkin into each one. The beer that had a head accepts the folded napkin just like food going into your stomach. But the beer that does not have a head rejects the folded napkin like a bullet out of a gun.

Lets just say you dont believe me, fair enough but I challenge you to a duel! and Im gonna up the ante. Take two of IPA’s and up the any a little more by pouring one of them straight down the middle the whole time not down the side. and the other down the side of the pint glass with no head. Then set them next to each other, lean down, and take a whiff of each one, and let me tell you friends, the proof is in the pudding. Smell your way into a proper pour of a beer! Here my friend Joel demonstrates in the taste test we just conducted.

So in all this friends, remember pouring a beer is the inaugural act in our fermented beverage ritual. It breaks open the door to our joy and deliciousness. Pouring should be like foreplay, the fun before the consummation. Enjoy!

Nic Lazz finds himself mainly on twitter and instgram @proper_pour tagging away #properpour and #properpourisintomymouth and using his tumblr to promote education of this sacred ritual.