better if you don’t come back by Joseph DeMough


We received this book in the mail ahwile back and I felt I should actually read it before giving it a review. It is a pretty good read, and if you skated in the 90’s you probably will relate to some of the story lines and sessions that go down through out the book. There are many sessions where the skateboarding that takes place is vividly described and as a skater I can visualize what is going down. It has the vibe of capturing some adventures in one’s hay-day including girls, skateboarding, and just living. Is it worth the purchase, yes I would say it is. It is written by a skateboarder about skateboarding, getting a job, and figuring out life. Nothing wrong there. If you don’t find the desire to check it out based on this review, stop by and check out the other reviews from people who probably read more books than my thrasher collection. Regardless, at Broken we support skater run anything and we definitely support this book!