Boat Party – by Ginge

When a good DIY spot is found it is best to keep it to yourself, unless you want the local scooter kids blocking the run up, run out and everything else.

 A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to skate a boat, it was one of the most challenging things I have skated but worth every moment. A bit of concrete filled in the hole in the bottom and we were away and skating.


Screws sticking out everywhere, if you didn’t have your last tetanus shot then you were on hold to the doctors after your first run.

Just to hit the ‘coping’ took a while due to skating skate parks for a few days but after hitting it, the shred was on, ignoring the giant drop on the other side a few of us hit managed to get some tricks. The transition was so tight you became dizzy after a while and even being on land didn’t stop the seasick feeling.


After a bit of blood, sweat and dust, we were done and moving onto the next spot for the tour waits for no man and It was the end of the best boat party I am ever likely to be part of.

DIY spots are precious and should be respected, not just because they’ll rip your face of. Be respectful of other people’s spots and treat them like your own, leave them how you found them if it’s dirty clean it up and be stoked you got to shred it. DIY or DIE.



the guy in the checkered shirt with the lay back rock is josh, I’m the one in the tie dye and green hat (ginge) with the rock and roll, and the other is charlie just feeling it out ill leave the order of them up to you