Top 10 Skatepark Builders worth mentioning 2012 – updated

Is your town getting a skatepark built? Well here are the companies we feel over here at Broken that should be on your list. If it is’nt mentioned here, I would think twice before you get some American Ramp Company or purkiss rose disaster in your town.

1. Grindline / Dreamland (Tied for First) – Grindline and Dreamland are both creators of epic skateparks world wide. They both use the maximum amount of space and create organic and amazing concrete wastelands to skate away the day on. Big stuff, small stuff, these 2 companies cover it all. Just click the link on there name to check out all the projects they have done. Lincoln city skatepark is one fine example of a Dreamland masterpiece. Orcas Island is a grindline beauty.

2. Team Pain – Team Pains latest creation in Arvada, Colorado is enough explanation for this second place choice. Very close second, could easily be tied for 1st too.



3. California Skateparks – Quality skatepark builder with some of the best concrete work around. Their parks are built to last.




4. Evergreen Skateparks – Windells Skatecamp, check it out.
5. Tim Trudell and whatever crew he gets together. Tim’s a master skatepark builder/ back yard pool creator, if you can find him and get him involved, your project will be epic.

6. San Pedro and Washington Street DIY builders – No need for an explanation

7. Poolish Pride Construction Lincoln Nass builds sick stuff with tight transitions that are perfect.
8. Placed to Ride tied with Artisan Skateparks – Our initial list left out Artisan and they are definitely a quality east coast builder that is worth mentioning. Placed to Ride has a few rad parks under their belt too and both are worth a look.

9. Pillar Skateparks
10. Newline Skateparks

There are obviusoly tons of other park builders out there, some that could possibly be on this list and well, if we missed one let us know. The staff here has ridden many parks as well as worked/built/etc. parks so there is some merit to this list. These builders exhibit great concrete skill in construction, unique and variety of design, and will make a destination park out of your project.


15 thoughts on “Top 10 Skatepark Builders worth mentioning 2012 – updated

  1. i don’t understand how dreamland and CA skateparks can even go on the same list? basically, CA skateparks, and any of these crews. CA skateparks makes crap! the only good thing they got going on is their pools. and realistic pools are about as stupid as street plazas! don’t get me wrong, i love a good street plaza, and a pool replica, but this is kinda whack. also, its arvada colorado.

  2. ok, after watching that video of yall skating a CA skatepark, i guess that park should be in the top ten, but they really make some bland skate parks…. just saying. any firm building that many parks surely wouldn’t need the free promotion from broken magazine! there are so many small companies out there doing rad work that could use a boost!

  3. thanks for the input jojo, let us know some companies we missed that are worthy and we will include them. Yeah ca skateparks has parks under their belt that suck, but they have a few good ones too that are pretty rad so that’s why they are on the list.

  4. liquid stone designs, 5th pocket, paprocki concrete, ideal skateparks, and some other ones i can’t think of on the international tip right now.

  5. What was your point in making this list? To name-drop the folks who built your favorite parks, or to give information to people looking to hire a design or construction firm? First, Newline and Pillar don’t do construction (well, Newline does in Canada), they’re design firms. Same with Action Sport Design, and for the most part, Wally Hollyday (he does build some of his designs). Second, how is someone gonna hire the “San Pedro and Washington Street DIY builders”?

    I’m not gonna comment on your ranking order; everyone’s opinion is subjective, and any of those firms can do good construction. You might wanna point out how much each firm charges on average, though, so people will have an idea what they might expect for their budgets. In my experience, Who Skates, Evergreen, Artisan, and Placed to Ride do the most with small budgets. Dreamland, to some degree as well. Ideal did too, but they don’t exist anymore. I don’t think CA deserves the bad rap Jojo gave it above; they are doing some of the best quality and most innovative designs right now, especially in plazas.

    The reality is that most public skateparks will get designed and then built through a public bidding process, so the main use of a list like this is either to let folks know some good firms to send RFP notices to, or for towns with small budgets and the ability to hand-pick a vendor, a list of firms that might be able to give them the most for their money.

  6. Well the point was so that when somebody googles skatepark makers, they dont find american ramp company and get a prefab metal ramp. Obviosly we have not skated every skatepark builders parks so the article is biased towards those we have. I must sy that all the information in these comments will go into next ears list when we update it.

  7. I would second the plug for Liquid Stone Designs. They did a great design (in the opinion of the local skaters that helped produce it) for our park. Unfortunately, they were underbid for the building contract — not that Dreamland isn’t a good company, but we had worked very closely with LSD and wanted them to build the park, because working with another’s design makes you vulnerable to unforeseeable changes. A caution to small-budget cities: avoid this by soliciting design/build bids in the first place. There’s a catch-22 with this though: you need the design for fundraising, and without substantial funds you can’t solicit bids.

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  9. DONT let Spohn Ranch build anything in your town!!! These guys are a fucking joke. Over priced and shit designs.

  10. This article is ridiculous! California, Newline, Pillar!! What the fuck1 Did you do any research at all before you wrote this steamy pile of bullshit. Those companies don’t give a shit about skateboarding and what is in the best interest for the local skaters. They’re just in this shit to make money. Another classic story of corporations taking over what once used to be a unique creative process.
    Oh and for the record Evergreen (Six Feet And Under: original company name) pretty much stole the credit for Windells. Ever hear of a guy named Jamie Weller? Well thats the dude that got that whole scene going and built a lot of what is there even before Evergreen was a Company.
    Im sorry but your head is so far up your ass that the only way you’re ever going to see the light of day again is to get a glass stomach.
    Maybe do some actual research before you post up this shitty garbage.

  11. Bump for Dreamland, Liquid Stone, and Evergreen parks.
    I think you should rethink Placed to Ride’s placement in the list. They’re not prolific builders, but careful review of their work shows an unflinching timeline of exceptional design.

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