MW3 vs Battlefield 3

Modern Warfare 3.

Some Battlefield 3 footage.

You are probably going w.t.f. right now, where are the empty pools? Well some of you probably rock video games here and there and well, we need more traffic for ads and whatnot so here it goes. I am an avid fan of all the call of duty games and have played everyone that has been out. That being said i was very against even trying battlefield 3 and argued everyone at the skatepark that they were wrong. Well I was wrong because battlefield 3 is sick. Way better than MW3 and I don’t know why one would waste time playing MW3 when they could be rocking Battlefield 3. The controls are similar, but the bonus in Battlefield is larger war zones, you can drive a tank or other vehicles, and you can destroy buildings with your rocket launcher. Go get it today! Best time waster while lying around with a broken leg I tell ya from personal experience.

Leave a comment on what you think is the best game.

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Happy New Years! 2012

Something new for the year to begin with will be a daily photo uploaded to the site here. Feel free to submit your own too. Went on a hike today and came across this ghetto attempt at a d.i.y. hip, but you gotta give anyone who takes the effort some credit.

Also came across this slab, square beauty with horrid transitions, but hey finding an empty pool in south o.c. on the first day of the year is a good sign!

This is the start of hopefully another 365 photo posts (its a leap year this year). Happy New Years to all our friends, family, and anybody who happens upon this site t one time or another!