Photo of the Day Jan.13, 2012 – House Pool


Today’s photo is one of the contenders for the spot shot photo challenge over at the broken facebook page. Photo by Tylor Hollenbeck! Follow the link below to see a ton of sick spots and upload your photo today for a chance to win a new deck and wheels!

Spot Shot Photo Challenge Jan 2012

So you need a new deck and a new set of wheels huh? Well this could be your ticket to that. Simply post a photo, or many photos of spots up on the Broken facebook page, the spot with the most likes by end of January wins a new deck and wheels. Is a link to the page. Post up overviews, close ups, street, ditches, pools, parks, whatever and get your friends to like it. Post up as many as you want too, its the # of likes that’ll get you a new Antihero board and Spitfire wheels (you pick the size). Get Posting!

Photo of the Day Jan. 7, 2012 – Klamath Falls, Or

If you have’nt been to this park, you need to go. It is usually empty, great stop on any road trip through central Oregon, and it has some of the most fun terrain of any park around. You could easily spend a week figuring out lines and if you’re lucky you might find a few other gems around town to ride.

Photo of the Day Jan. 6, 2012 – Baker Kidney

Well since it’s been gone a couple years I’m sure it’s  about time to dig out a few photos from the zone. If you know, you know. This was a deep one, good transition from deep to mid and if i remember correctly the shallow was pretty tight but hittable. Got to skate it a couple times without incident, but it was 4am so go figure.