Giving Thanks Contest Update for today

Lots of entries so far as of this morning here are the leaders 1. Larry Martin with 69, 2. Daniel Vargas with 27, 3. Gav Harrington with 23, 4. Garry Schuck with 20, and 5. Tristen Anderson with 17. Whoever has the most likes by midnight on thanksgiving will win the independent trucks and spitfire wheels!

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Giving Thanks to all supporters of Broken – Independent/ Spitfire Giveaway

Today we start a facebook page contest, winner gets a new set of independent trucks and a set of 54mm grosso spitfires. Simply post a photo on the wall of any skateboarding on transition and whoever has the most likes by thanksgiving wins! Thanks for all the support over the years! Here is a link to our fan page Go here, post your photo, get the most likes and your rolling on new gear! Super easy. We have been doing this since 2002 and don’t plan on quitting anytime soon!

Hallow’s Eve Bowl Bash Photos – MRZ

MRZ stopped by the chaos and was able to take a large blast of epic photos of the insanse skating going down. Killing California and JFA played live. Photos and VId explain it better than I. Radballs has some photos, So does Confuzine!

The Illusion stopped by and was a guest judge, here is a raw capture of the sponsored heat. 


 Results over at  Etnies Skatpark.

$100 best trick of the night went to Shaun Ross from Oceanside for a huge boneless to disaster hang up, broke his board and still road away. Honorable mentions went to Greyson Fletcher for high speed coping destruction and Corey Juneau who landed 6 foot stalefish airs and a huge indy kickflip.


From Liberty Boardshop –

John Sirmon. Who is he? He has worked in the skateboard industry for the past 10 years. What does that mean to you? He’s supported skateboarding, the movement, and has influenced skaters for the past decade. He’s an amazing skateboarder, talented and perhaps the nicest guy we’ve run across. He’s John Sirmon and he is battling cancer. He’s currently in the hospital and needs your help in order to keep living. Living is good. Help John live by Donating TODAY and attend this benefit starting November 8th at 8pm. We ♥ John!