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Griptape Contest for December

Free set of spitfires and bearings to the winner of the best grip tape design or artwork. The winner will be decided by the # of likes recieved by December 15 @ midnght. photos must be posted to the broken magazine wall here on facebook. Here is the link to post your photos!

 Brandon Wong posted up the first entry – Check out too!

Dreamland Skateparks building in CA?

Here is a link to the article. Capitola, Ca looking at getting a 9000 sf Dreamland Gem!

Capitola eyes 9,000 square foot skatepark at Monterey Park

Posted: 11/23/2011 02:38:35 PM PST
Updated: 11/23/2011 02:40:18 PM PST

CAPITOLA — The Capitola City Council agreed Tuesday night to explore a 9,000-square-foot skatepark design for Monterey Park.

“We should abandon the 4,000 (square foot size) it’s a natural at 9,000,” said Councilman Michael Termini. “It will get kids out of the Nob Hill parking lot.”

Parents Tory DelFavero and Emily Martin contended that the larger skatepark would be safer for younger children.

DelFavero has three sons, ages 8, 6 and 3, who all skateboard at different levels.

“With the larger size, there’s room for kids who know how to skateboard and for kids to learn,” explained Terry Campion, who is sponsoring a skatepark fundraiser Saturday at his shop, Santa Cruz Boardroom, on 41st Avenue.

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Pools at Vacant Homes a Skateboarder’s Dream 

Saw this floating around on facebook today, another cutting edge news report. Best quote “You can do anything you want in this country for about 20 minutes”


Pools at Vacant Homes a Skateboarder’s Dream:

Giving Thanks Contest update!

Here are the entries so far with Larry Martin still in the lead. You have until midnight on Thanksgiving to upload your photo to the broken facebook page and get as many likes as you can. Most votes wins a new set of independent trucks and spitfire grosso wheels. Follow this link and enter today!