The Rainbow Ground

Colby sent over this link and all it makes me want to do is go skate and build, but of course not much will happen with this broken leg. Most likely ill fire up the Skate3, try to build a park, open a beer, give up on that, and that’s about it for the next 4.5 weeks. Is a sick start to a d.i.y. spot in who knows where, but it sure looks fun!

Took this photo from their blog, didn’t know who to give credit too.

1 thought on “The Rainbow Ground

  1. Sweet, thanks for sharing! The spot is in Essex (England), and it was built by me! It’s a one man effort so far, so I hope that inspires someone somewhere to stop scratching their arse and thinking about doing something and damm well do it, now, today. Not next month, but NOW! Unless of course their leg is broken, in which case you’re lucky, you’ve got an excuse. maybe not quite so lucky on the broken leg front tho… x

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