Product Review – Holua Black Skullcandy Headphones

Some love to skate with their IPOD in and some hate it. Regardless there is probably a time you like to listen to your music and the stock headphones are just wasting your time. I had been using the stock issued IPOD headphones for years and never really thought about until I came up on a set of these most epic headphones (Thanks Gyr). The sound quality is unbelievably better and these www.skullcandy.comheadphone kill basically all outside sound so you can skate with pure music. The bass that comes though is pretty remarkable for such a small piece of electronics. The coolest thing about these is they are made out of wood. Don’t waste your time on the ones ya got, go out and upgrade to these and you wont regret it. They even have little foam pieces to customize the fit in your ear.

This is the info from the website “From the mangroves of Madagascar to the Cloud Forest of Costa Rica, wood is all around us. Wood sounds good; we use it to make xylophones, drum sticks, claves and castanets. It’s even in clarinets, for crying out loud. If headphones had been used a thousand years ago they would have been wood. Holua are made of wood, and they sound good…really good.”

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