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thought id put up a link to the expansion updates. If you hadnt heard california skateparks won the contract and have been out at the park almost daily the last few weeks planning out the demo and everything. We are just waiting on the edison guy to get the plans to relocate power lines and the tractors can come on in. Feb 2011 is the tenative completion date. Plants have started to be relocated too from the new area so there some visible changes. The pool coping order was just placed with so check their website to what it looks like. if you have a facebook we put up a expansion page too to follow. City Council approved adding $$$$ to d the street run too so everything is getting built and should come out awesome.

So Cal Skateshop

Located in beautiful Mission Viejo is a shop you must visit if ever in the area, or even heading by on the 5 freeway. There are many skate shops in orange county and this is definitely one of the ones worth mentioning. Mike Hirsch has always supported local events, contest, and shredders and deserves all the successes the shop has brought. Check them out on the web at

They hire crazy people like this guy Carter, you may see him behind a drum set of such esteemed musical acts as JFA.

They have a ramp that is unbelievably fun and as good as it gets for the space they had. Fast, pool coping, bowled escalator corner, nice set coping. I don’t think I could think of anything to even criticize except it isn’t in my garage. The craftsmanship is top notch and worth a shop visit alone.

There are several rooms full of boards, including just about every one you can imagine or had wished you had at one point in time. If you need something skate related, forget ebay, swing by here first because they probably have it.

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Mumma has a blog?

yeah, thanks to facebook i caught wind of this and his espn write up. I must say I am happy to have brought him to his favorite pool because I thought he hated everything he skated. espn story his blog

ill try to dig up some photos from the cockpit pool tomorrow. here he is one the cover of issue 4 of broken magazine at the cockpit pool. good times!