ASE Broken Mag Hessian Session Mini Ramp Jam


Here are a ton of pics. Thanks to everyone who came out – Silly Girl Crew,, Nate and ase, all the i.e. guys who came down, and all the local ramp rats. i imagined maybe 2 people showing up would be a success and I think we had a good 50 people show up regardless of the Amtrak mooning gig down the road. Some of these photos I took or Mr. John Pauling whose home brews were bomb. Next time we will try to actually plan it out a bit. Kevin Burke won the final shred session and came out on $45 bucks cause speedy fingers Johny grabbed a $5 dollar bill that fell to the ground faster than the geckos eat a fly.If you weren’t there you blew it unless you skated something else, then you had fun too but if you watched the world cup 3rd place game and stayed home i feel sorry for ya. more photos all over face book or too.

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