Nor Cal Death Match #1 Results


As expected this was a barn burner- so many gnarly tricks went down that you would’ve had to been there to understand!

Open Death-
1st- Josh Mattson/ Small Beating Skateboards
2nd- Brad McClain/ Small Beating Skateboards
3rd- Zach Lewis/ Vertical Smile Skateboards
4th- Ryan Carpenter/ Vertical Smile Skateboards
5th- Brian Johnson/ Weirdo Skateboards
6th- Cody Horan/ Sacramento Surf and Skate

Grom Death-
1st- Blake Swain
2nd- Ezra Brockway
3rd- Brandon Gonzales

 Masters Death-
1st- Allan Barclay/ Vertical Smile Skateboards
2nd- John Yunker/  Vertical Smile Skateboards
3rd- Roger Folsom
4th- Pat Black

 I want to thank everyone involved especially Bad Bob Mitchell and Steve Brockway! Photos by Demetri Mouratis

 Next up- 6twenty one June 26th!

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