Another Band Night at Etnies Skatepark

Tyler Hendley killin’ the park as usual was one of the highlights of another band night fundraiser over at the Etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest. The bands were Terezodu, Nasa Space Universe, Knives, and Vultures United. Surprisingly all the bands were pretty good and rocked. Usually a few local bands seem like they practiced once before playing so it was nice to have some decent music. Kids ripped it up and the park raised $100.

ASE Ramp Session

So went down to ASE to get a good session on with their Tuesday Bruise-day weekly shred fest.  A few heads were there including Colby, Hesh Jon, Nate, Hunter, even Amish Ed taking some photos. in case you want to check his photos.  The place is done right, beers abundant, and no metal coping to be seen. Looking forward to another session and watching it grow.