So a quick look on the ol’ google maps one day gave the impression of a possible empty within a lunch breaks drive from work. So a quick recon and a peep over the fence left me full of excitement, probably the same excitement the guys that live out in San Bernardino or Fresno get a hundred times a day, except this is South Orange county and a good pool find that could get sessioned s about as rare as it gets. Knocked on the door and talked with the lady for awhile and it ended with not a “no”, but a simple “my husband will call you back”. So days go by and no call occurs. I waited a few weeks to knock again and she basically said the same thing and was reluctant to even let us in back to check it out closer. So third times a charm, we went by one day because I was skating some other gems in the vicinity and found a note on the front door that was like being handed the golden key. It basically was a trash bag hanging with a crude cardboard sign that read “Dear Mr. postman, please put mail in bag, be back in a week” Quick check of the bag let us know she had just left because there was one day’s mail in there.

We spent the next week doing quickly sessions whenever, Peanut was in there cleaning and prepping that thing instantaneously and the crew got in as many quick hits as possible. I’d say maybe a total of 2 hours was had in the pool including being somewhat busted by the caretaker of the property, but we weren’t kicked out. I’m sure when everyone was back home though the report was passed on because the pool has been full to the brim since then. Here are some random photos from those few sessions, wish there were more but everyone was too busy skating and not worrying about photos.

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